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Daily Encouragement Day 53 - Deuteronomy 8

The theme of remembrance recurs often in the Old Testament, because God knows that embedded in human nature is a tendency to forget.  It seems that nothing ages more quickly than gratitude, and that given a little time, people have a way of reducing grace into entitlement.  Therefore Moses exhorted the generation of the conquest to remember God’s benefits and not to slip into the arrogance of autonomy in which they supposed in their heart, “My power and the strength of my hand made me this wealth.”  Instead, it is the Lord God who gave them the power to make wealth; if they forgot this, He could just as easily take it away. READING of DEUTERONOMY 8 Prayer: Lord, I ask for the grace to remember all of Your benefits and to realize that everything I have comes from You, though I may be tempted to slip into the delusion that I achieved these things without You. Meditation passage for today: verses 3, 18