Chapter Five - The Fulfillment Model

Abraham H. Maslow

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) is recognized by many as the most influential contributor to the development of what he has called humanistic, third-force psychology. At the outset of his career, there were only two major forces in psychology: the experimental approach of behavioristic psychology and the clinical, psychoanalytic approach. Through his study of human nature, Maslow grew increasingly dissatisfied with these approaches and sought to replace them with a more holistic-dynamic account of human beings that stresses an innate tendency to move toward higher levels of growth and fulfillment.

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God, I Don't Understand

This book explores the mysteries of the Bible: The God-Man, the Trinity, divine sovereignty versus human responsibility, the resurrection body, time, space (the creation and omnipresence versus localization), the transcendent-immanent God, positional versus experiential truth, and the Word of God. 237 pages.